Victory Outreach Colorado Springs

imageSince 1985, Albert R. Loma, Jr. has spent 28 years as a public servant fighting specifically for at-risk children and drug and alcohol addicted youths and adults, especially amongst minority cultures in both California and here in Colorado.


With that said some would argue that all people are at risk in some way or another, while others emphasize that some people, especially children face much higher risks than do others.  For example, minorities are seen as at risk if they are disabled, have low self-esteem, or have been abused.

miserable minority statistics

So ask yourself why does Al Loma care? What drives Al? Simply put as a youth he was one of those miserable minority statistics that we glance at from all forms of media, but tend to ignore and don’t truly see.

But Al found the strength from above to pull himself and his family out of the mire. Now Al has a vision that gazes 360 degrees and a tried and tested patience that comes from a death-bed experience that literally robbed the grave and gave birth to a sincere compassion for all of mankind that is contagious if you spend just a little bit of time with him.


Al and his wife, Debra Loma have been married since 1985 and have five beautiful and talented children. 

steve-joesyAfter his ordination in 1991, Reverend Albert Loma became the assistant pastor of Victory Outreach Hayward California under the leadership of Senior Pastor Steve Pineda

Nicky Cruz and Al Loma

In 1996, after 11 years in Victory Outreach Hayward, Pastor Steve sent Reverend Al and Debra to Colorado Springs, Colorado to help world Evangelist Nicky Cruz coordinate the anti-gang and anti-drug drama called, TRUCE.

After TRUCE reviled the immense need of risk families within Colorado Springs, Reverend Al and Debra began a church and a drug and alcohol rehab home from the basement of their modest house with the goal of reaching those needing hope and compassion, and help breaking the bonds of addictions.

PastorFrom those humble beginnings 28 years ago, Reverend Al is now the Senior Pastor of Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs. And as Senior Pastor some of his duties include counseling, mentoring, and leadership development.


                             Colorado State Senator Owen Hill and Pastor Al

Reverend Al has a BS in Business/Public Administration, a Masters in Strategic Leadership, and is a candidate in the Doctor of Educational Leadership at Liberty University.


Plus Al has a proven track record as a Charter School pioneer as a founding board member of Star Academy. Star Academy is a Charter School with the intent of servicing at-risk families. As a founder Al provides policy governance and fiduciary oversight, institutes problem solving techniques for staff.


Currently, because of Al’s experience with Charter Schools and Star Academy, Al is serving a voted position as Director of the School Board of Education for the Colorado Springs School District 11. District 11 is within the heart of City Council District 5

Some of Al’s achievements as a D-11 Director include chief negotiator between the teachers union and D-11 School Board. Al assisted in the implementation of over 20 million in budget reductions in fiscal years 2009 through 2011. And reductions in 139 program line items aligned resources to the District’s Strategic/Business Plan.


Also Al is the Executive Director of the Right Step. The Right Step is an inpatient and outpatient non-profit facility consisting of different non-profit organizations whose missions are similar in outcomes that serves a great need in the community of Colorado Springs. Their similarities create a synergy that enables all involved to expand and strengthen their respective agencies in a Christian environment.


The Right Step includes a Sober Living Home, which is a live-in faith-based outpatient facility providing relapse prevention and behavior management courses. And the Right Step includes the Christian Recovery Homea live-in inpatient treatment program.

Mens HomeAt the Right Step clients are taught to understand, recognize, and respond to cognitive distortions and negative behaviors that need to be renewed so the development of moral character and personal responsibility is established and practiced in everyday situations through fundamental values.


Thanks to the Right Step, Reverend Al has also formed collaborative relationships with the Colorado Springs Police DepartmentEl Paso County 4th Judicial DistrictEl Paso and Teller Counties Probation Department, and the Colorado State Board of Parole & ComCor


Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs

2520 Airport Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

For more information about Victory Outreach Colorado Springs call (719) 477-0000 or email Pastor Al at


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